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Was It Worth It? by Cassie
Sequel to "Goodbyes". Chakotay is in bad shape after Kathryn left. Can the crew get back to the planet before Chakotay loses his mind? PG-13

The Wedding by Helen
Kathryn and Chakotay get married. PG

Weirdp by Coral and Bec
Coral and Bec decide that Something Must Be Done about Michael, and have a barrel of laughs in the process... PG

What a Wonderful World...A Shattered Nemquil by Xia Mei Sying
Based on the episode "Shattered"'s trailer and a rumor that seemed to be running round... It's embedded into the story. Not an episode addtion more like a Nemquil. PG

What I Can Do by A.K.O.T.
A response to Lissa's 55 word story challenge. The replicators go on the fritz. G

What Can I Do? by Twynnie
A really soppy story about a song making Janeway realise something. Written for a challenge on Jr7. PG-13

What Chakotay Does To Kathryn by Rebel
More fluff. My cousin does this to me and then he says "This is what Chakotay does to Janeway!".  So that's why I decided to write this fic! :) PG-13

What Might Have Been by Aquiel
A story based on a beautiful song of the same name. PG

What We Would Have Done With Cathexis... by Twynnie and Shorty
Computer malfunctions eventually bring J and C closer together. Kind of based on the eppy in the title but not really. PG-13

Where Do I Begin? by Coral
Janeway wonders how to explain her actions. PG

While You Sleep by Aquiel
This is a poem I wrote, relating to the relationship between Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay. PG

Why by Karin
Chakotay is sitting at Kathryn's bed and thinking. PG-13

Won't The Neighbours Shut Up by Carissa
Kathryn and Chakotay are home and there is a party going on. PG-13

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