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L R Surprise by Aquiel
Written in response to a challenge issued by ejspock: "Write a story, and incorporate all of the following words in no particular order..." Pure silliness!! PG

Lady In Red by Laura Watkins
A drabble.  Chakotay enjoys some downtime with his 'Lady In Red'. [4KB] PG

The Letter by Aquiel
A story written using the lyrics to a beautiful song called "There's holes in the floor of Heaven" I've been told it's a sad one, so consider yourself warned. PG

Letting Go by Celestia
A sad story about Kathryn's thoughts after Chakotay's demise. Based on "Do What You Have To Do" by Sarah McLachlan. PG

Letting Go by Tamar
Kathryn's POV on Chakotay death. PG

Lock and Key by Sonja M Skrovanek
Is it too late for Kathryn to say yes? A Christmas story with a very surprising gift. PG

The Longest Moment by Rissa
Yet to be submitted. PG

The Look in Your Eyes by Celestia
Written for Katie's fanfic contest. We get a peek inside the heads of Kathryn and Chakotay as the stare at each other across the dinner table after their wedding. G

Lost Oppotunites by Clare
Kathryn reflects on the loss of Chakotay. G

Love Is Beyond Words by Sam
Written under the pseudonym "Mara Jade", this is my first story about Janeway and Chakotay. PG

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