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Baby by Tamar
Written in response to JetCjr.5 challenge; An unlikely place for a delivery, but which is better, here? or the bridge? PG

Bad Day Blues by Lissa
A really rotten day. 3KB PG

A Bad Nightmare by Carissa
After watching an episode of Ally McBeal it gave me an idea. Chakotay admits to something. PG-13

Bed Thoughts by Carissa
Drabble. Chakotay finally gets into the Captains bed. But is it what it appears to be? PG-13

Beeping Away! by Quin
Spoof. Not J/C, really. Might explain some technical problems on Voyager. G

Beginnings by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay do some thinking about their relationship. PG

Behaviors by ejspock
While learning more about human behavior, Seven helps Janeway learn too. PG-13

Best Laid Plans by ejspock
I cannot tell a lie... PG-13

Better Than Legos by Puck
All right, people, this is what happens when you give me a character to work with who's bright, clever, and cute as a button. Naomi Wildman narrates this schmaltzy little tale. G

Beautiful by Sam
A story written to 'Beautiful' by the Smashing Pumpkins. PG

Birthday Logs by Cassie
Logs recorded on the Captains birthday PG-13

Birthday Wishes by Andrea Montoute
(Dec-Jan 1997) It's Kathryn's birthday! PG-13

Bites And Berries by Laura Watkins
A response to the JetCJr7 flea challenge.  The crew catches fleas. [36KB] PG-13

Box Of Kisses by Coral
Valentines Day fluff PG

Burning by Carissa
All dialogue story. Just what is Kathryn and Chakotay talking about?? PG

Busted by Carissa
Just how do Janeway and Chakotay get caught together? PG-13

Butterfly by Seventeen
The head of a planet only has eyes for Janeway

By Accident by Seventeen
It's amazing how a simple accident can turn into something wonderful.

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