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Mama's Little Girl by Aquiel
This is a story written in response to a challenge issued by Spif Trekspert. What would happen to Naomi if Samantha Wildman was killed? Not a typical J/C story; it deals more with KJ. PG

Maple Fire by Sam
A story written to 'The Fire Maple Song' by Everclear. Not a happy ending. PG

Massage by Laura Watkins
Kathryn has a hard day and Chakotay helps her relax. [7KB] PG

Matchmaking by Carissa
Two people ask Tom to help them set someone up for a price. PG-13

Meant To Be by Rebel
# Part 1- First Meetings A/U. Kathryn and Chakotay meet at the Academy and fall in love, but Chakotay leaves her. Major timeline tweaking! *G* PG-13
# Part 2- Reunions It's years later and Kathryn's ended up on Chakotay's ship... Rated R, just to be on the safe side. PG-15
# Part 3- Resolutions They're on Voyager, trying to settle things. PG-13
# Epilogue- Revelations Set in a place every J/Cer should hold dear... *G* PG-13

Memories of Moving Out by Lena
As Chakotay prepares to move out, he looks at how far he and Kathryn have come. PG

Mending the Rift by Sonja M Skrovanek
Kathryn owes Chakotay an apology... but will he accept? A story inspired by a song, with a twist in the end. PG

Merillian by Andrea Montoute
This is your captain... this is your captain on drugs. Any questions? PG-13

Mexicana by Laura Watkins
Kathryn and Chakotay go Mexican for the evening. [8KB] PG-15

Mine by Jamie
Chakotay gets jealous of Kashyk. G

Misinterpretations by Tamar
While Janeway and Chakotay fight for their lives in a prison camp, Voyager run into problems attempting to rescue them. PG-13
# Part 1
# Part 2
# Part 3
# Epilogue

Missed Signals by Sam
Another 'they get home' story, but will they get together finally? PG

Missing by Bec
Kathryn's missing, can a concerned Chakotay find her? A seriously stupid piece of fic! PG

Monopoly by Laura Watkins
Kathryn, Chakotay, Tom, B'Elanna, Seven and the Doctor play Monopoly. [18KB] PG-13

Moods by Holly
Sequel to "Thoughts." Kathryn is having mood swings. PG

Moonlit Tears by Aquiel
Told from Chakotay's P.O.V. Someone he cares for very deeply is hurting, and he would do anything to takeaway her pain. PG

Mornings by Seventeen
Just a short morning interlude. PG

Morning Rituals by Aquiel
A short romantic(?) story. Kind of silly, but that's what happens when I get an inspiration at 2:00 in the morning! PG

Motherly Visitations by Rebel
An unexpected visitor drops by... PG-13

Move Me by Yarb
This is my answer to The Challenge, including the words: aristocracy, chocolate, handcuff, foam, spirit, and sack. G 26KB

Musings by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay do some musing. PG

Mutations by Lissa
The 'Resolutions' virus is back, and it means business. PG-13

My Best Friend's Wedding (aka The Kellin Rant) by Shorty
Janeway strops when Chakotay announces he's marrying Kellin. It's based on the film- but it won't end up the same. PG-13
# Part One
# Part 2
# Part 3

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