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Ramblings by ejspock
Janeway rambles on about Chakotay on paper. PG-13

Red Silk And Roses by Laura Watkins
Chakotay finds a surprise waiting for him when he gets off duty. [8KB] PG-15

Reading in the Shower by Carissa
Chakotay finds out some interesting facts about Kathryn's behaviour. PG

Reflections by Coral
Kathryn reflects. PG

Reflections of the Future by Aquiel
Not exactly a J/C story, but it had to be told... PG

Remember by Puck
Very short, very to the point, and quite sad. Grab yer tissues, but don't worry, it's not one of those depressing ones that never seems to end. =) G

Resolución by Lena
A different kind of New Year's Eve resolution opens doors for our commanding officers. PG-13

Revealing Secrets by Tamar
Chakotay crashes on a planet where he meets a mysterious empath.PG-13
Note: This story was given third place in a contest held by Jenn & Sam.

Revenge by Shorty
The women of voyager decide to get revenge on the men by holding a sleepover. PG-13

Revelations by Tara
Someone catches Chakotay kissing in the turbolift. PG-13

Reverie by ejspock
How much is that Vulcan in the window? The one with the wagging tail? PG-13

Reverie II: Away Missions by ejspock
# Janeway's Mission Tom Paris will never think of Megan Delaney the same way again...
# Tuvok's Mission Janeway's dog, uh I mean Tuvok, takes on the Cardassians.
# Chakotay's Mission Chakotay does some digging in the database to find out EXACTLY who Hobbes Johnson is.

Romeo by Jamie
It's Valentine's Day on Voyager. G

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