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I Am Chakotay's Holey Sock by Carissa
A sock wonders what is going on with the weird behaviour of it's owner. PG-15

I Am Chakotay's Toaster by Bec
A sentient toaster shares his story -- but surprisingly enough, I'm the only one crazy enough to listen. *g* PG-13

I Am the One by Aquiel
A short story, written while in a somewhat philosophical mood on my Birthday... very early in the morning. PG

I Believe I Can Fly (Faster Than Light) by ejspock
Parody of "I Believe I Can Fly". PG-13

Icing on the Cake by Sonja M Skrovanek
What's the way to Kathryn's heart? Some J/C romance with a little humor spurred when Seven explores human emotion. PG-13

Identity Crisis by Andrea Montoute
(March 1997) Kathryn can't remember who she really is. Can Chakotay help her? PG-13

If and Forever by Aquiel
Most of us believe that J&C should be together; if only TPTB would let it happen... PG

If Wishes Were Horses by Sam
A series of rewritten Voyager episodes Blood Fever, Coda and Scorpion Part II. All of them show the steps in J/C's relationship PG
# Part 1: Bloodfever

I'll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams) by Jamie
It's Christmastime aboard Voyager! G

I Love You by Laura Watkins
Drabble.  Kathryn's thoughts. [4KB] PG

I'm a Big, Big Girl by Karin
Kat has to be strong after a dispute. A sequel to "Why?". PG

In A Moment by Bec
A long ramble of Kathryn's thoughts after Chakotay pops the question!!! PG

Indeclinable Offer by Laura Watkins
Drabble.  Chakotay invites Kathryn to dinner. [4KB] PG

In My Life by Quin
Kathryn admits her love for Chakotay in a Talent Night performance. Uses Beatles' song "In My Life". G

In The End by Sam
# Part One It's been two years since they've returned to the Alpha Quadrant. Will Chakotay and Janeway ever find each other? PG-13
# Part Two It's two years later. Just a short piece. PG

In The Rain by Yarb
Sort of an episode addition. Continuing from “Night”. PG 15KB

Is He? by Carissa
4 Drabbles all on one page. 4 different peoples thoughts to a wedding G

It Began With A Tomato Plant... by Sam
A Resolutions story. Will what they left on New Earth ever be repaired? PG

It Was Christmas by Tamar
It's that time of year again... [This story was awarded Best All Around in Jennica's Christmas Story Contest.] PG

I Will Always Love You by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay talk after they arrive home, set right after "Endgame." PG

I Wonder... by Coral
Drabble. Kathryn wonders why. G

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