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Additions To The Menu by Rebel
The ice cream is melting... *G* Light Shattered spoilers. It's what I like to call a PG-13 smutfic. :) R

Adventures by Jamie
Cadet Kathryn goes on an away mission and gets more than she expected (this is my veeery first fanfic). G

Adventures in Babysiting by Andrea Montoute
(June 1997) While babysitting for Samantha Wildman, things don't quite turn out as expected for Janeway or Chakotay. PG-13

After All These Years by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay have a little talk. PG

After Death Musings by Yarb
Sort of an addition to Demon or Course: Oblivion. Itís a short little thing. Took me all of a half an hour to write. G 8KB

After the Sneaky Doctor by Carissa
Kathryn's back from her forced leave and is slightly angry at a certain hologram. PG-13

All I Ask Of You by Quin
Chakotay and Kathryn have a date. But is it as simple as it seems? In the In My Life universe. G

All I Want For Christmas by Carissa
It's Christmas time on Voyager and will Kathryn Janeway get what she wants for Christmas? PG-13

All I Want For Christmas by ejspock
Really, Chakotay, you should learn to think before you speak! PG-13

All Q-ued Up by Shorty
Q takes time away from the collective to make Janeway and Chakotay see what we already know. PG-13

All the Women by Aquiel
Short, strange little tale that just had to be told. Kathryn Janeway's musings. PG

Always and Forever by Aquiel
Hmm, what can I say about this one. It's Prixin aboard Voyager, and the crew is celebrating with their friends and... family. PG-13

Always There by Kathryn
This takes place five years after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant. "Kalana" Torres is five years old while Mezoti is thirteen. And finally Kaitlyn, Janeway and Chakotay's daughter who turned 4 last week. I am saddened to say that Kathryn died two years after giving birth to her leaving Chakotay to raise her alone. Inspiration came from the author of "Lullaby" from my group. G

The Amazon Way by ejspock
MALES ARE VILE INFERIOR PIGS!!! (according to the Tirakans) Paris and Chakotay have to grovel at B'Elanna's and Kathryn's feet!!! PG-13

And So It Goes by Holly
A fic writen to the song of the same title by Billy Joel. PG

Angel by Rebel
Kathryn's dying and Chakotay goes to see her... Warning: Hanky alert! PG

Another Coda by JC
The alien is back, but who are they after. It's got a little of the episode "One" in there also PG

As Yet Unwritten by Coral & Jenna
J & C in a possible past life... PG-13

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