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Happy New Year by Laura Watkins
Drabble.  J and C.  New Year's Eve. [4KB] PG-13

The Heart of the Rose by Abi, Kira, Lia and Chaz
A response to Kat's Valentine Challenge. Neelix is hosting a Valentine's Party and Chakotay and Kathryn decide to go together. PG

Helpful Q by Lissa
Q tries to do Janeway a favour. Lots of laughes and mushiness. Set somewhere after Q and the Gray. PG

Her Way by Twynnie
A J/C take on the DS9 eppy His Way. PG-13

Hesitant Steps by Sam
This is a J/C series which is also kind of a comedy. It has a little bit of P/T in it also. PG
# Part 1
# Part 2
# Part 3

Hidden Truths by Carissa
Kathryn is hiding something from Chakotay. How long can this secret be kept for? *contains C/7* PG-13

Hobby by Laura Watkins
Drabble.  Chakotay's POV.  What is Chakotay's favourite hobby? [4KB] PG

Holodeck Misadventures by Rebel
Kathryn invites Chakotay out to lunch on the holodeck... but things don't turn out quite as planned when Tom bungles everything. PG-13

Holoscapades by Quin
Holograms go batty. I wonder why? My favorite work of mine yet. G

Home by Holly
Kathryn does some thinking as they return home. PG

Home Truths by Bec
A post-Workforce ep addition. For Kathryn and Chakotay as a couple, dealing with the aftermath of Workforce. PG-15

Honey, I Don't Think the Soundproofing Works Very Well by KJScorpion
Title says all. Otherwise I'd be giving it. PG-13

Hook, line and sinker by Shorty
Sequel to revenge. The men try to cover up their embarrassment but end up in trouble again... PG-13

A Hug by Quin
Sometimes all you really need is a hug. G

Humiliation by Shorty
Sequel to revenge and Hook, line and sinker. Everyone is plotting revenge again- but someone decides that enough is enough... PG-13

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