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Scavenger Hunt by Lissa
My really long story about a scavenger hunt that really isn't a scavenger hunt. Beyond that I can't explain it. So just read. PG
# Parts 1-4 30K
# Parts 5-8 25K
# Parts 9-12 29K
# Parts 13-16 25K
# Parts 17-19 16K

Scream by Sonja M Skrovanek
After a large fight, Kathryn and Chakotay are kidnapped along with Tom, B'Elanna, and Seven by a cruel alien race known as the Saskia. PG-13

Secret Santa by Sam
The crew play a good old fashioned game known as Secret Santa. Lots of J/C and P/T, with a little S/K. It's supposed to be humorous but if it doesn't bring out a laugh, it's just a normal story! PG
# Part 1
# Part 2
# Part 3
# Part 4
# Part 5

Seduces Me by Lissa
This is what happens when I listen to Celine Dion too long. 7KB G

Servant to the Wise in Heart by Aquiel
This was my very first J/C story. They're back from New Earth, now what? PG

Sex and Rations by Carissa
Kathryn needs rations from Tom and he adds a condition. PG-13

Should You Go First by Aquiel
Written with Spif Trekspert Based on a poem of the same name; Kathryn and Chakotay have started their life together, but sometimes, badthings happen. PG

Silent Observations by Laura Watkins
Drabble.  Tuvok's POV on the JC relationship, or lack thereof. [4KB] PG

A Sixer Voyager Style Christmas Extravaganza by JC
Yet to be submitted. PG

Slap My Noodle by Carissa and Holly
There's a pool party on the holodeck with the senior officers. Just what happens? PG

The Sneaky Doctor by Carissa and Cassie
The Doctor wants Kathryn to go on leave. Just how will he do it? PG-13

Someday by Aquiel
A J/C "what if" story. a short little romantic piece. PG

Something's A Little Fishy by Carissa
Deaths and suicide. PG-13

Somewhere Between Life and Death by Sonja M Skrovanek
The sequel to Scream ... J/C with a touch of P/T ... After the death of a crewmember, Kathryn begins to blame herself for that and other things as well. PG-13

Speculation by JC
Very (well sort of) J/C sequel to "Childen of Time" with a little P/T and K/7 PG

Steps to Heaven by Shorty
A very silly challenge story with Steps in it... PG-13

Still in Doubt by JC
Take a wild guess. The name says it all. PG

Stops Along The Way by Sam
A series of events makes Janeway realise... PG

The Story by Aquiel
A story based on the 'Angry Warrior' legend. PG

Storytime by Tamar
B'Elanna tells "her" child a bedtime story. G

The Sword and the Rose by Aquiel
It's finally finished! This is the sequel to 'Kiss the Rain'. You didn't actually think I'd just leave you hanging like that now did you?!?! PG

Su Amante by Aquiel
A short story; Kathryn Janeway's view on life. PG

Supposedly Innocent by Zanza
It's Christmastime, and Neelix isn't the only one with ideas... PG

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