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Pain and Suffering by Tamar
After the death of their child, Janeway and Chakotay are both sent into emotional turmoil which includes taking drastic measures. PG
# Part 1
# Part 2
# Part 3

Paradise Lost by Andrea Montoute
(October 1997) Almost 3 months after their encounter with the Borg, tensions still run high between Janeway and Chakotay. PG-13

Paris's Advice by Puck
Tom's advice to Chakotay regarding women -- particularly Janeway. G

The Party by Allison
A short scene at a post Unimatrix Zero party.  My first fanfic. G

The Paths We Take by Bec
Based loosely on an ER scene. Chakotay finally confesses his feelings to Kathryn. PG

Perfect Harmony by Aquiel
This one is a RR, written over two nights in the chat room. Tom askes a favor of Captain Janeway, but when sherealizes what it is, how will she handle it? PG

Perfect One by JC
Well, I don't know what to really say. Alright, the Rellorians believe that one of the Voyager Crew is their"perfect one". Very strange story. I wasn't quite sane when I wrote the beginning of it. PG

Pierce Brosnan Series by Twynnie, Shorty and Nemesis
Very silly thing with pierce brosnan in it. PG-13
# Part 1
# Part 2

A Pip Of A Problem by Tara
Communications problems aren't all Kathryn is having trouble with. PG-15

Playing Around by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay are doing...something... PG-13

Playing Q-Pid by Seventeen
Q does his good deed for the millennium! PG

Point Guard by JC
It's not about basketball! A collaboration project between myself and Skip. PG

Point of View Series by ejspock
# Part 1 Leola root coffee?!? Oh, the possibilities...
# Part 2 J&C, a shuttlecraft and a storm. Hmmmmmmm.
# Part 3 Janeway is Chakotay?!?! Chakotay is Janeway?!?! Aiyiyi!!!
# Part 4 Poor Vorik is so confused!!
# Part 5 And now the conclusion...

Pranks by Puck
Tom, Harry, and B'Elanna are at it again-- only now they're looking to score some brownie points with Chakotay. But there is one factor that even brilliant little Paris didn't forsee: What if Kathryn doesn't find things very amusing? PG
# Part 1
# Part 2

Precious Moments by Aquiel
Response to a challenge issued by Kadith; "write a story in which something of monumental importance occurs... i.e a vow of love, a goodbye, the birth or death of a child..." Warning: Hankie Alert! PG

Pride And Prejudice by Laura and Shorty
Kathryn creates a holoprogram based upon Pride And Prejudice and asks Chakotay to join her, only things don't turn out quite how they planned. [83KB] PG-13

Promises in the Shadows by Tara
Someone is watching, whispering in the shadows. PG-13

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