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A Fair Sacrifice by Tara
Someone sacrifices their happiness and their love. PG-13

Fairer Haven by KJ
The Captain has a little fun in Fair Haven and ends up --the way we know it should. PG

Faith by T'Kalara
Tuvok's family misses him, and finds a way to keep in touch. His wife T'Pel has kept her undying faith, and Tom and B'Elanna celebrate their 2nd anniversary. Sequel to Devotion. PG-13

A Faith Gained and Lost by Sonja M Skrovanek
My novella about the impact a little girl can have on an entire crew -- Kathryn and Chakotay in particular; a mixture of humor, sadness, and thought. PG-13
# Part One: A Little Girl's Quest
# Part Two: Just Say the Word

Family Matters by Kathryn
[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four]
Janeway and Chakotay are over thrilled at the fact that they are going to have a child. But when Janeway has a miscarriage will their marriage be affected? PG-13 125KB

Findings Pt. 1 by ejspock
On an away mission to a hostile planet for supplies, Janeway and crew find something unexpected. PG-13

Fire by Holly
Kathryn "accidentally" burns some of Chakotay's papers. 12KB PG

The Fly Chronicles by Celestia
# Fly's Eye View - A funky story from the point of view of a just *have* to read it! G
# Fly's Eye View x2 - The sequel to Fly's Eye View. When Kat and Chak have a spat, our fly-gal-with-an-attitude heroine is called in to save the day! But now she's stuck with a snobbish yet dashing assistant who won't stop annoying her! What will she do? G

Fooled at Their Own Game by Cindy
What happens when Tom and B'Elanna try to get Kathryn and Chakotay, only to find out that its to late... PG-13
# Part 1
# Part 2

Forever and a Day by Sonja M Skrovanek
Is Kathryn finally ready? The sequel to my "Hunters" epilogue written in the form of a "Killing Game" epilogue. PG-13

Forever This Way by Aquiel
# Part 1 The first in the series. A party, a bathtub, an accident and a distress call, and all before morning! PG
# Part 2 Began March 1998, written with Cam The second in the series. The Away Team is being held on Zarus III PG
# Part 3 Began March 1998, written with Cam. The third in the series. What will Chakotay do to get his Captain back? PG
# Part 4 Began March 1998, written with Cam. The fourth, and final part in the series.Will Chakotay be able to rescue Janeway? Or will they be doomed to be forever apart? PG

Friend by Laura Watkins
A little sequel to Nemesis.  Chakotay talks to Kathryn about what happened on the planet. [23KB] PG-13

Forever Friends by Bec
My part of the Friends series (all other parts linked to on the page). The J/C wedding gains will they/won't they tension worthy of Ross and Rachel, and Yaelie attempts to drive. PG-13

From: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ by Quin
What day is it again? Where did that rose come from, anyways? G

From the Beginning by Tamar
A series consisting of stories that can be read either alone, in order, or out of order. PG-13

The Fun little Q Started by Carissa
A sequel to my untitled story. Q pays a visit and leaves his son on Voyager. PG-13

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