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Janeway and Chakotay, Sittin' in a Tree by Celestia
Written for a JetCjr7 Challenge. J and C design a holodeck program/music video for the song, "I'm a Tree" PG

Jedi Series by Carissa
01 Jedi Chakotay
Chakotay decides that Jedi mind control will help get Kathryn to love him. PG-13
02 Jedi Tuvok
Tuvok learns levitation and make things float. Just what does he do with this new power? PG-13
03 Return of J/C
Tom and Harry have gone over their allotted holodeck time and ask J and C to join them. PG-13
04 The Captain Strikes Back
Chakotay is dating Seven. Kathryn tries to do the only thing possible and take her out. Things just don't go to plan. PG
05 Morale Boosting Indeed
Neelix has a party on the holodeck with a Star Wars theme. PG-13
06 The Photon Menace
It's slide show night on Voyager and the Doctor has some very interesting pictures to share with the crew. Sequel to Morale Boosting Indeed. PG-15

The Jugular Nerve Pops Like This! by Puck
My first attempt at a JetC Challenge Story. I won't give you the whole recipe, you'll have to read it. But I'll give you the main ingredients: Kathryn, Chakotay, Tom, B'Elanna and... Soundgarden? >=) PG

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