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Glandular Fever by Carissa
Two members of Voyager's crew come down with infectious mononucleosis. Did they happen to get it kissing or was it from being near each other all the time? PG-13

Godson by Lena
When Q's son decides he wants to be human for a month, things are turned around on Voyager. And a secret is uncovered that will change Kathryn and Chakotay's relationship forever. PG-13

Goodbyes by Cassie
Kathryn decides to leave Voyager for the thing she loves. Will everything turn out all right? PG-13

Goodnight Kiss by Laura Watkins
Kathryn and Chakotay have a long overdue talk after Kathryn returns from a long away mission. [43KB] PG-13

Goodnight My Someone by Aquiel
November,1998, A response to a challenge I issued in JetCJr6, to write a story using two specific phrases. PG

Guy Talk, Strip Poker and an Interruption by Tara
If I give you more than the title ... well no , actually I can't, there simply isn't anything more to it! PG-13

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