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A Talk With Seven by Rebel
Seven literally drops a bomb on Kathryn's head. PG

Tender Goodbyes by Celestia
Kathryn finally realizes something, but is it too late? PG

Terrified by Rebel
Unimatrix Zero episode addition. Chakotay's POV as Kathryn leaves. PG

The Terrorist Who Loved Me by Lena
In an a/u, Captain Chakotay is sent to find and kill his former first officer Captain Kathryn Janeway, who along with her band of "terrorists" poses one of the deadliest weapons known to mankind. Instead he is captured by them, and when something even bigger threatens the Federation, they must work together once again to stop it. PG-13

That Night in the Rain by Aquiel
Chakotay told her he would always be with her, will he keep that promise? PG

Them by Jamie
Just J/C oriented. G

They All Kissed Goodnight by Aquiel
Some reflections on the past, and on some past mistakes. Could become part of a larger series. PG

They're Coming To Take Me Away by Carissa and Holly
They're after Chakotay. PG

They Think I'm Strong by Tara
A culmination of things finally makes Kathryn Janeway crumble. PG-13

Things of the Past Series by Steph Johnson
The summary of the series is a "they get home" story. But at what cost will Starfleet have for Janeway and Chakotay's love? PG-13

Things Remembered by Sonja M Skrovanek
A YOH epilogue for those of you who (like me)could not believe what Kathryn told Chakotay... PG

Things To Do To Get Some Rations by Carissa
Kathryn is out of rations, just how far will she go to get some more? PG-13

Things Unknown by Rebel
A YOH piece...with a large twist. PG-13

This is What Happens When Nobody Listens! by Aquiel
Our favorite Captain and Commander have yet to establish a relationship, but that's soon to change when our good friend Q gets involved... PG-R

Thoughts by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay do some thinking. PG

Thoughts on the Bridge by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay do some thinking while on the bridge. PG

Through the Ages by Tamar
(see inside for details) PG

Tickling by Rebel
More fluff... what else can I say? :) PG-13

To A Brick Wall by Coral
This is *my* answer to the challenge about what would happen if KJ and C beamed down in the middle of *my* daily routine. G

To Catch A Falling Star by Bec
Voyager has arrived home, but Kathryn seems to be making herself ill. I promise it has a happy ending! :-) PG-13

Treasures of Life Trilogy by Aquiel
# NoŽl De Axis First in the trilogy. Ok, I'll admit it's a little out of season, but it was a cute idea. The command staff exchangepresents at the Christmas Party.
# A New Horizon Second in the trilogy. Kathryn and Chakotay's relationship takes an unexpected turn.
# Mockingbird Third in the trilogy. Kathryn takes some time to reflect on the past few months.

Trouble by Lissa
Chakotay is in very hot water. 3KB G

Trouble's Afoot In Higher Brain Functions by Tara
Something's afoot with the Captain. PG-15

True Love by T'Kalara
Kathryn Janeway and other members of her crew find the true loves of their lives, leading to special proposals. PG-13

Trust by T'Kalara
(not completed yet) a date with Annika leads Harry to give her a special gift; a renaissance fair isn't just pure fun. The Hirogen attack leaves Kathryn wondering if this is ever going to be a wedding to forget about. PG-13

Truth by Tamar
Chakotay POV on Kathryn's death (companion to Letting Go). PG

The Truth About The Brownies by Bec
My take on Kathryn's Mother's brownies... PG

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