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The Dance by Lena
Chakotay's point of view on how a challenge changed their lives. PG

Dance Away the Moon by Aquiel
Told from Chakotay's Point of View. He's looking for someone at the party, will he find her? PG-13

Dance With Me by Clare
Kathryn and Chakotay attend an engagment party. Set to the song dance with me by Debelah Morgan. G

Dante's Peak, 70,000 Lightyears Away by ejspock
Janeway and Chakotay are trapped on an active volcano. PG-13

Dark Clouds by Aquiel and Camilla Sandman
A Collaboration; Janeway has lost Chakotay; can she see past her dark clouds, and learn to live again? Only time will tell. PG

Daydreams in the Heat by Carissa
It's hot on Voyager and some of the senior officers are having daydreams on the bridge. PG-13

The Day Off by Carissa
Kathryn has the day off and starts doing unusual things. PG-13

Dead by Tamar
A poem. PG

Death of a Salesman-The view from the bridge by Shorty
Janeway kills for coffee PG-13

Deletion by Holly
Kathryn does a little deleting to the Fair Haven program. PG

Delta Quadrant Paradise by ejspock
Parody of "Amish Paradise" PG-13

Deserted by Jamie
A Female Q helps J/C to happen G

Devotion by T'Kalara
Annika notices just how nervous Harry Kim is around her, sequel to true love. Tom and B'Elanna face a devastating blow to their happiness. PG-13

Distraction by Laura Watkins
[Part One: Kathryn's POV 4KB] [Part Two: Chakotay's POV 4KB]
Kathryn is finding Chakotay's presence quite distracting and Chakotay's finding Kathryn rather distracting too. PG-13

Diverging Paths by ejspock
My Resolutions story, with a new twist... PG-13

Doctor's Order-A Challenge by Yarb
Challenge story, where Chakotay and Janeway create a music video. G

Do Nothin' 'Til You Hear From Me by The Crazy Oboist formerly known as ejspock
Chakotay is a baaaaaaad boy. PG-13

Don't Speak by Lissa
A fic using the song of the same name by No Doubt. G

The Dream by Cindy
What happens when aliens start taking control of Kathryn Janeway's dreams. Find out by reading the story, because I won't tell you. PG-13

Dreaming by Aquiel
A J/C poem... the first of two in one night! (who'da thunk it??) PG

Dreams by Rebel
# Part 1 Set in an alternate universe, on the Liberty. Kathryn and Chakotay are fighting and Q decides to show them something. PG
# Part 2 Watching their counterparts on Voyager brings Kathryn and Chakotay a realization of their own... PG

Drugs Kill by Carissa
Seven dies from taking drugs. Written for the 101 ways to kill a borg. PG

Drunken Sailor by Rebel
Chakotay's drunk. Kathryn remembers an old sailor's song. Enough said. :) PG-13

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