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These stories are not in alphabetical order, we have just added new stories to the top as we receive them, so newest submissions are at the top.

Decaf by Laura Watkins
Drabble.  Kathryn has a minor disagreement with her replicator. [4KB] PG-13

Marry Me by Laura Watkins
Kathryn and Chakotay have a little talk. [5KB] PG-13

Love Is... by Cally
Chakotay tells Kathryn just what love is. G

On My Own by Cally
Someone is musing over another couple.

Trust Me by Cally
After a night together can Kathryn accept the inevitable. G

In Your Arms by Cally
Kathryn contemplates her love for Chakotay. G

I Sometimes Wonder by Cally
Someone is watching Chakotay.

Letting Go by Cally
Kathryn does some soul searching over a very important grave. G

Honesty by Cally
Every relationship is based on love, trust, and honesty.

Whispers On the Air by Cally
At death's door, Chakotay reflects back on his life with Kathryn.

Reunion by Holly
After years of leading their own lives, Kathryn and Chakotay meet at a reunion. PG

Justin by Holly
Kathryn receives advice from an old friend. PG

All's Fair in Love and Cooking by Holly
Kathryn and Chakotay do some late night cooking. PG

Dreams by Rel
Based on a strange dream, the J/C activists start to take matters into their own hands. PG

A J/C Carol by Rel
Braga seems set in his non-romantic ways - until he gets a visit from three very unusual ghosts. Can the Ghosts of J/C Past, Present and Future show him the error of his ways before it's too late? PG

Me, Myself And Chakotay - Part One by Rel
Captain Janeway's repressed side starts showing herself... and showing Captain Janeway up! PG-13

When J/Cers... Attack! by Rel
You've all seen "When Animals Attack" and other stupid documentaries which take screen time away from Star Trek reruns. But what happens when J/Cers... attack? PG-13

Caught by Rel and Han
The Captain and the Commander play around... PG-13


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