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JetCJr Round Robin

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The JetCJr Round Robin needs little explanation - it is what it says, a round robin for all members of JetCJr.  You must be a member of a JetCJr list (or a JetC list, if any adults want to write too) to participate in the round robin.

It's great fun to write, and it gives you a chance to meet Juniors from other ponds, and write a story, of course.  You can write as much or as little as you want, and there's always someone else there to carry the story along, which is great if you're not so good at finishing stories, or if you're not feeling very creative at times; it's also a great start for new writers who have never posted before.

We do ask, please that all who join must be willing to take their turn and write - no reading only allowed.

We are currently mid-story, but we can slot you in at any time, so join up, and join the fun!

Subscribing is easy - simply go to and hit join.  You will be asked to fill out a small bio and then you will be added to the list by listmommy - Katie - or by co-moderator - Laura.

For more information go to the site at Yahoo!Groups, or email

You can also read Member Bios and meet the members of JetCJr who are currently writing.

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