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Carissa ~

After the Sneaky Doctor
Kathryn's back from her forced leave and is slightly angry at a certain hologram. PG-13

All I Want For Christmas
It's Christmas time on Voyager and will Kathryn Janeway get what she wants for Christmas? PG-13

A Bad Nightmare
After watching an episode of Ally McBeal it gave me an idea. Chakotay admits to something. PG-13

Bed Thoughts
Drabble. Chakotay finally gets into the Captains bed. But is it what it appears to be? PG-13

All dialogue story. Just what is Kathryn and Chakotay talking about?? PG

Just how do Janeway and Chakotay get caught together? PG-13

The Captain's Husband
Chakotay's cheating on Kathryn and discovers a secret that one of the crew lets slip. Can they work through this problem? PG

The Costume Party
Tom wants a costume party. People dress up. But does Chakotay know that the Captain is around? PG-13

Daydreams in the Heat
It's hot on Voyager and some of the senior officers are having daydreams on the bridge. PG-13

The Day Off
Kathryn has the day off and starts doing unusual things. PG-13

Drugs Kill
Seven dies from taking drugs. Written for the 101 ways to kill a borg. PG

The Fun little Q Started
A sequel to my untitled story. Q pays a visit and leaves his son on Voyager. PG-13

Glandular Fever
Two members of Voyager's crew come down with infectious mononucleosis. Did they happen to get it kissing or was it from being near each other all the time? PG-13

Hidden Truths
Kathryn is hiding something from Chakotay. How long can this secret be kept for? *contains C/7* PG-13

I am Chakotay's Holey Sock
A sock wonders what is going on with the weird behaviour of it's owner. PG-15

Is He?
4 Drabbles all on one page. 4 different peoples thoughts to a wedding G

Jedi Series
01 Jedi Chakotay
Chakotay decides that Jedi mind control will help get Kathryn to love him. PG-13
02 Jedi Tuvok
Tuvok learns levitation and make things float. Just what does he do with this new power? PG-13
03 Return of J/C
Tom and Harry have gone over their allotted holodeck time and ask J and C to join them. PG-13
04 The Captain Strikes Back
Chakotay is dating Seven. Kathryn tries to do the only thing possible and take her out. Things just don't go to plan. PG
05 Morale Boosting Indeed
Neelix has a party on the holodeck with a Star Wars theme. PG-13
06 The Photon Menace
It's slide show night on Voyager and the Doctor has some very interesting pictures to share with the crew. Sequel to Morale Boosting Indeed. PG-15

Two people ask Tom to help them set someone up for a price. PG-13

Reading in the Shower
Chakotay finds out some interesting facts about Kathryn's behaviour. PG

Sex and Rations
Kathryn needs rations from Tom and he adds a condition. PG-13

Slap My Noodle
Written with Holly
There's a pool party on the holodeck with the senior officers. Just what happens? PG

The Sneaky Doctor
Written with Cassie
The Doctor wants Kathryn to go on leave. Just how will he do it? PG-13

Something's A Little Fishy
Deaths and suicide. PG-13

They're Coming To Take Me Away
Written with Holly
They're after Chakotay. PG

Things To Do To Get Some Rations
Kathryn is out of rations, just how far will she go to get some more? PG-13

A challenge response that was issued on jetcjr10. It involves pranks etc. PG-13

Unusual Birthday Gifts
Tom has a present for Chakotay, but is it all as it appears to be? PG-15

A Valentines Day Tuvok Will Never Forget
It's Valentines Day and Tuvok has a few things to say about peoples behaviour. 7KB PG-13

Won't The Neighbours Shut Up
Kathryn and Chakotay are home and there is a party going on. PG-13

Young At Heart
Q is back and turns some people into children. 27KB PG

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