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"Sensory Perception" by Kimberley Collier

Title: Sensory Perception

Author: Kimberley Collier

Disclaimer: Bite me

Rating: PG

Summary: A young girl comes aboard Voyager, who has the ability to sense every thought and desire of the crew........

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Sensory Perception

"I have done as you have asked, my Lord." A crystal voice replied from the shadows "We cannot leave her here. She may remember and people may believe her." He paused, then asked "Did you get the sample?" In response the figure held up a small vial. "Good, good" The voice replied. "I believe I know where to send her. I'm not a cruel being and I will put her with those of her own kind, who shall not be able to return her to earth as they are stranded many thousands of light years away." A crowd of shimmering sparkles surrounded the girl before she dematerialized.

On the bridge of the Starship Voyager, a console bleeped. "Report" ordered Captain Janeway

"Captain, I'm reading a massive displacement wave coming right for us" replied Ensign Kim

"Shields." She ordered "Back us off Mr. Paris"

"Yes ma'am" he replied from the conn station

"Captain it's getting closer 10000 km, 5000, 1000, 500" said Lieutenant Commander Tuvok

"Brace for impact!"

"Captain! It's stopped!" called Ensign Kim

"Well, anyone care to offer an explanation?" Janeway asked, looking round the bridge but received only blank looks.

"Captain," interjected Tuvok "Captain I'm reading a temporal displacement in the wave."

"Onscreen" ordered Janeway. The viewscreen showed nothing but normal space, then a ripple went through it, then another until suddenly a cloud of shimmering silver sparkles shot out.

"Captain, I'm reading one humanoid lifesign, very weak inside those… whatever they are." said Ensign Kim

"Beam them directly to sickbay."

"Yes ma'am"

"Janeway to sickbay"

"Go ahead Captain." Replied the doctor

"Prepare for an incoming casualty, who we just beamed aboard. Janeway out. Chakotay you have the bridge. Tuvok you're with me. Janeway and Tuvok entered the turbolift.

"Can you wake her?"

"Of course captain" the doctor replied scanning his patient with his tricorder.

"She looks very young Doctor."

"Yes, she is approximately 14 years of age. But that's not all. She's human."

"Human. In the Delta Quadrant. 60 thousand light years from earth."

"Yes Captain. There's no doubt about it."

"Wake her" ordered the Captain. The doctor picked up a hypospray and injected her.Slowly her eyelids fluttered open. "Where am I?" she asked, confused.

"I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. We beamed you aboard my vessel after you were released from the displacement wave."

"Huh? Federation starship? Displacement wave? What are you talking about?

"Captain if I may?"

"Of course Tuvok." Tuvok turned to the girl "What year is this?"

"It's the year 2000. Duh. Hey, what's up with your ears?

"I am Vulcan"

"Yeah, Okay I'm gonna go back to Huh?

Captain Janeway asked "What's your name?

"My name is Kelly. Kelly Summers."

"Well Kelly," began the Captain "It's like this. This is the year 2376. You are onboard the Federation starship Voyager. We are in the Delta Quadrant, a long way from earth, we don't know exactly how you got here. All we know is that a displacement wave was headed straight for us. It stopped short and you were ejected from the wave."

"2376? You mean I'm in the future? Cool. And you guys are all, like astronauts?

"You could call us that." replied Janeway. "In the meantime, we will arrange quarters for you whilst we figure out a way to send you back."

"Well, thanks, I guess."

Two days later, Kelly was walking along Voyager's corridors marveling at the wonders it offered. "Kelly!" called a voice.

"Commander Chakotay, hey"

"I was just wondering how you were holding up."

"I'm okay. I mean you gotta look on the bright side you know, I mean at least I don't have to do my math homework." At this Chakotay laughed.

"I was just on my way to the mess hall, care to join me?" Chakotay asked

"Sure. I have a question though. How on earth did Neelix get to be cook?

In the mess hall, Kelly was picking at her Leola root stew, pretending to eat it so as not to hurt Neelix's feelings who had insisted she have an extra large portion. She heard Chakotay say, "God not Leola root stew, anything but that."

"I have to agree, this stew is pretty gross."

"I didn't say anything" said Chakotay.

"Yes, you did" Kelly insisted. "You just said God not Leola root stew, anything but that."

"Kelly I didn't say anything" He paused a moment as realization dawned upon him. "However I did think it."

"You mean I heard your thoughts? Freaky."

"Kelly, do me a favor will you? Focus on Neelix and tell me what he's thinking."

She paused for a moment before replying " He is thinking that I haven't eaten much stew and I must need something added to it to spice up the flavor." Sure enough a moment later Neelix walked over. "Commander, Kelly," he said in greeting. "I noticed you haven't eaten much of your stew. do you need something added to it to give it a bit of a kick?"

"No, I'm fine Neelix, just having a slow, leisurely lunch." As if to prove it she took a big bite and then another smiling as she swallowed.

"Kelly, that is unbelievable! You're sensing peoples thoughts. We should get you to sickbay right away and have the Doctor run some tests."

"Whilst he's at it maybe we can get my stomach pumped as well."

"Report" ordered Captain Janeway as she strode into sickbay. The doctor was scanning Kelly who sat on a biobed.

"Commander Chakotay noticed earlier that Kelly is sensing peoples thoughts. We've ran some tests and they have all been successful."

"Yeah but see, if I focus on any of you I can hear your thoughts, but I don't get anything from this guy"

"That's because he's a .."

"A hologram? You guys have mastered artificial intelligence? Cool."

Later that day Janeway sat on her couch in her ready room, looking out at the stars. Her door chime sounded, interrupting the silence. "Come" she called. The doors opened, and Chakotay walked in. "Chakotay, how's Kelly doing?"

"She's doing fine. She's adjusting well to the environment aboard Voyager. Her and Tom Paris have had a lot to talk about, 20th century pop culture. She's been hanging round Tom a lot. I get the feeling she has a crush on him."

"B'Elanna won't be to happy about that." Janeway joked "It's an amazing power Kelly has, the ability to sense our every thought, our every desire."

"Amazing" Chakotay agreed as he stepped closer to the window Kathryn was staring out of.

They both turned to face each other and they gazed into each others eyes for a moment, and both finding what they had hoped for, they moved closer and closer slowly. Their lips barely a centimeter apart, the two of them move closer still until their lips are almost touching, and their hearts are pounding in anticipation of their next move.........

* * * * To Be Continued * * * *

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