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"Helpful Q" by Lissamay

Disclaimer: The Voyager characters don't belong to me. I am just playing with them. Give me feedback at no flames allowed. Enjoy :)

Helpful Q
by Lissamay


Once upon a time there was a woman named Kathryn and a man named Chakotay. They had feelings for each other, but since they were the two highest-ranking officers of the starship Voyager lost in the Delta quadrant, they felt a duty to keep those feelings bottled up. They were good friends and had a good working relationship. But all of that was going to change if Q had anything to do with it. Q was an omnipotent being with a taste for bothering with humans.

Q felt he owed Kathryn for the favor he was planning to bestow upon her. And in a way he did, for now he has a child, the war was over, and he now had an annoying mate. So his reasoning was two out of three isn't all that bad. "This will be fun to watch, won't it?" Q said aloud forgetting that his son was in the good care of his mate. When he did realize that he was alone he sighed. Oh yes, I'm alone. Oh well, I can still have fun anyway. I think I'll go bother Chuckles first.


"I wonder why only a few people visit the beach resort program nowadays?" Chakotay asked Kathryn.

"I've sometimes wondered the same myself." She replied absent-mindedly. Her mind was far away. How are the food supplies holding up? I need to go ask Neelix later on.


"Yes, is something wrong, Commander?" She answered as she came back to her ready room.

"You've put in a long shift. I can take care of the rest of the duty rosters by myself. So why don't you go eat something and call it a night." Chakotay said convincingly.

"No, I'm fine and don't try to make me think otherwise." Kathryn said while stifling a large yawn.

"I think that I don't need to, since your body is doing a better job of convincing you than I could." Chakotay said with a grin wide enough to show his dimples.

"Are you sure there aren't too many for you to take care of?" She asked.

"Would I have told you to call it a night if there were?" Yes, I would. Chakotay thought but didn't say.

"Alright, you win. See you tomorrow then." She said as she left the ready room with a pleasantly tired smile.

Chakotay's gaze followed her until the door closed. I guess I could take these to my quarters to finish up. And so he picked up the padds and headed for his quarters.


Chakotay's quarters are exactly were Q found his prey. Hmm, what should I do to him? Should I remove his tattoo? Nah, I'll save that one for a rainy day. Maybe I could put him in some one else's quarters? No, that doesn't sound annoying enough. I've got it! I'll rearrange his quarters! That is diabolical, Q. So one minute Chakotay was sitting at his desk working quietly, and the next he was sitting on his bed which just so happened to be occupying the space where his desk and chair had previously been.

At first Chakotay could only sit there wondering if he had gone insane or what. But then it hit him. "Q!"


Chakotay definitely knows me well. I wonder how he managed to find his way into my heart. Kathryn thought while sipping a cup of tea and relaxing.

"Hello, my dear Kathy!" Q exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"What do you want this time?" She said while thinking back to the last time he was bothering her and her crew.

"I've come to repay you for your giving me a son, indirectly." He said with actual sincerity.

"Why should I believe you after what you have done here before?" She said while setting her cup of tea down on a table and getting more suspicious by the second.

"Well, I am shocked that you think I have come to bother you. But I have to admit that I played a prank on your commander." Q said with a mischievous look on his face.

"Q, What did you do?" She said as she tapped her comm badge to contact Chakotay. "Janeway to Commander Chakotay,"

"** Chakotay here Captain. Q's playing his little games again. **" He was speaking to her through the convenience of a now found computer.

"So I heard. What did he do?" She asked while glaring at Q.

"**I see he is already badgering you. Well I guess you could say he rearranged my quarters completely. I was about to contact you after I found my commbadge.**"

"Q, where did you put his commbadge?" Kathryn said with a hint of ice in her voice.

"Under the bed." He said rather like a child in trouble. He didn't for the universe want to make her mad...yet.

"** I heard him. I'll have a look under the bed . . . Yes, Captain I found it**"

"Q, put his quarters back the way you found them, now." She said with an authoritative edge.

"Okay, Okay." He said dolefully and snapped his fingers.

"** Much better. I'll get back to work now.**"

"Alright, Janeway out." She thought over how nice it would be to wring Q's neck. "Q, I want you to get off my ship and leave both my crew and me alone."

"I am afraid you're stuck with me for a while, at least until my favor to you is fulfilled."

"A favor is something asked for, not forced upon someone." She said like she was talking to a child that had been bad.

"That is you're opinion." He said smugly.

"Are you going to tell me what you're planing this time or do I have to guess?" She asked.

"I'm not going to let you in on that little secret, Kathy. But even if you don't want me to help you, I know that you'll end up happy. I will leave you alone with your thoughts... for now." And with a snap of the fingers and a flash of light he was gone.

What on earth is he up to this time? Why does he want to do something for me? Before going to bed she alerted Tuvok to the fact that Q was meddling with her crew again. While trying to go to sleep she wondered why Q likes to bother her and what he was trying to do this time. Sleep did not come easily and when it did it was not restful.


"Oh, hello Commander!" Q said with his usual flair for dramatics.

"What do want this time? To bother Kathryn, I suppose. Why don't you just leave her alone?" Chakotay said angrily.

"Why, I have never bothered Kathy! All I want to do is repay her." He said as innocently as he could.

"And I should believe you because?" Chakotay asked sarcastically.

"Because I have never done anything to hurt her or her crew directly." Q said defensively.

"What about the time you took Kathryn to the Q continuum when there was a war going on?" Chakotay said.

"That was only to convince her to help me stop the war!" Q said indignantly.

"You almost got her killed!" Said a very angry Chakotay.

"Alright, you've got me there. Can we change the subject or do I have to leave?" Q said unhappily.

"Leave before I try to wring your neck." Chakotay shot at Q.

"Okay, I'll leave, but don't doubt for a second that I'll be back!" He said with dramatic flair again. He snapped his fingers and in a flash of light, he left.

Why does he always bother her? I just don't understand why he does this to her. He knows that he won't get what he wants, so why does he bother? Chakotay thought like that while he got ready for bed and while he tried to fall asleep. When he did eventually fall asleep, it was a rather fitful sleep like Kathryn's slumber.


Goody, they're asleep. Now for the fun to begin. This is perfect. First I think I'll take care of Kathryn and then Chuckles.


She is so beautiful. He didn't really want to wake her up because she looked so peaceful when asleep. "Kathryn, wake up." Chakotay whispered. He was a little confused but at least she was there. Since she was in this strange room with him, he knew everything was eventually going to be all right.

As she opened her eyes she realized where she was and who was with her. She was in a room with two doors, two chairs, a small table, a nightstand, a dresser, and bed. Above the bed was a watercolor of a beach. On each side of the bed was a lamp. It was an old-fashioned hotel room. She was lying on the bed. "What is Q trying to do to me now?" She said to her first officer.

"I don't know. I woke up a few moments ago in that chair." He pointed to a rather uncomfortable chair in the corner. And my back is stiff as a board.

"Q really must want me to go insane. I bet he's watching us and snickering." Kathryn said with venom in her voice. She then noticed that both of them were in there nightclothes. "So he plucked us out of bed for this." She said while glancing around the room for some proper attire and pulling the blanket around her. "Do you know where some robes might be, or maybe other clothing?" Kathryn said while blushing ever so slightly.

"I'll go look in the bathroom, assuming there is one." And he headed off in the direction of one of the two doors. When he reached for the knob Q appeared.

"Sorry, you can't leave Commander. You're wanting the door to your left." A smug looking Q said.

"Q, take us back to our own quarters, NOW!" Kathryn said with such ice in her voice that it would freeze any member of her crew except for Chakotay and Tuvok.

"No, you two are going to sort out your feelings for each other before I even consider letting you go back. Oh, don't look so angry Kathy. I've made it so that this will not take up any real time, so your ship is safe beyond a shadow of doubt." Q said with a sense of pride thinking that what he did would lessen her anger towards him.

"If you think that is going to make me any less angry at you, you're wrong." Kathryn was even more angry at him than before. Every second she was getting a little angrier with him.

"Q, send us back and maybe we'll forgive you with time." Chakotay was now getting angry also.

"Alright, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone, for the moment." Q said cheerfully. And with a snap of his fingers and a flash of light he was gone.

"I'll go get the robes." Chakotay said calmly. Kathryn had also noticeably calmed down.

"Okay." She said while Chakotay headed off in the direction of the other door. When he came back he was holding two bathrobes, one pale pink the other pale blue.

"Well, I'll say one thing for him, he likes to follow tradition." Chakotay said with an amused smile.

"I agree. " Kathryn said also smiling and wondering at the same time how she would get out of this mess. Q is becoming sadistic. How did he find out how I feel about Chakotay? Why is Q torturing me like this? Chakotay handed her the pink robe and she put it on.

"Kathryn, are you okay? You look a little pale." Chakotay said while putting on the blue robe.

"Yes, I was wondering why Q is doing this to us."

"I think he got the idea in his head that we have feelings for each other ... Maybe he is actually trying to make you happy." He said quietly.

After a moment of silence Kathryn said, "What would make me happy is if Q would leave me alone."


These two are making this a lot harder than I thought it would be. How can I get them to admit their true feeling to one another? Maybe I could put them in a life-threatening situation. No, then they would be even madder than before, I mean, I don't mind making Chuckles mad, in fact I rather enjoy it, but I don't like it when Kathy is mad at me. I guess I'll go have a short chat with them and bring things out into the open. I love playing matchmaker.


"You two are very stubborn. Why don't you just grow up and reveal your feelings?" Q asked Kathryn and Chakotay.

"Q, if you are going to keep us captive I insist that you at least let us be dressed in proper attire and let us be somewhere besides a hotel room. I mean you are doing this in rather poor taste." Kathryn said rather impatiently.

"As you wish, Kathy." And he snapped his fingers and they were transported to an empty candlelit restaurant. The restaurant was actually a private room with one table. Candles were lit all around the small room. On the table there was an arrangement of flowers.

"Q, I don't think this is what she wanted." Chakotay said as he was inspecting his new clothing. He had on a nice dark blue suit and black shoes.

"Q, stop this now. I want both of us to be sent to our own quarters with our own clothes." Kathryn said as she glanced at her dress. It was dark olive green, with a halter-top, and it went down to her ankles. The dress had an elaborate Celtic design.

"At least give this one a chance. I'll introduce you two to your waiter. Oh, waiter." Q called for a waiter and in a few seconds a young blond man appeared.

"Hello, my name is John. I will be your waiter for tonight. Have you decided on what you wish to order." The waiter said like it was his regular routine.

"No, they have not had a chance to order yet. Please come back in a couple of minutes." Q said in a very polite tone. Polite that is, for Q.

"Alright." And with that John left the room.

"I'm going to try to make your meal as pleasant as possible. Oh, and don't try to get anything out of the waiter, he isn't real." This time instead of making an exit his traditional way, he left the same way the waiter did.

"Well, we might as well try to have a pleasant meal like Q suggested." Chakotay said while he glanced at his friend's dress and hair. Q had put a beautiful white flower in her hair. I'll say one thing for Q; he knows how to pick out things that enhance her beauty.

"I suppose you're right. What do you think you'll order?" Kathryn asked.

"I don't know yet." He said as they both went to the table. As they got there Chakotay pulled out a chair for Kathryn.

"Thank you. "

"Anytime. "


Well at least their meal is going nicely. Although, I wish they would open up, they're like clams. Maybe I should give them a truth serum. Or I could keep them there for years . . .I've got it! I'll link them telepathically! It's a good thing my son isn't here he would pick up some bad behavior from me.


"Well, have we made any progress?" Q said even before the flash had finished.

"Depends on your definition of progress." Chakotay said.

"I mean in the way of your communication." Q said patiently.

"Our communication has always been perfect. Where did you get the idea that we have feelings for each other anyway?" A relaxed Kathryn asked. He'll give up any minute now.

"Your communication dealing with work is perfect, but your communication otherwise is sorely lacking. And it is not an idea it is a fact that the two of you have mutual attraction. I say so because I've watched both of you gaze at each other for some time now." Said a perfectly smug Q.

"We do not gaze at each other. Are sure you haven't lost your all ready disillusioned mind?" Said a slightly irritated Chakotay. I wish Q would give up this little game of his.

"Q, I think you've gone mad." Kathryn said.

"I'm going to ignore those little jests. Both of you are in denial of your feelings." Q said as a smile played across his face. "So I am going to remedy that by giving you a telepathic bond."

"Q, don't you even dare!" Chakotay shouted. The shouting surprised all of them most of all Chakotay.

"This will be fun." With that Q snapped his fingers and left.

"~Damn. Why did he have to go and do that? ~" Kathryn thought.

"~He is trying to torture us. To bad it worked. ~" Chakotay replied.

"~Well since our minds are linked I might as well admit that I do have feelings for you. The reasons I haven't told you is because we are the two highest ranking people on the ship, I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same way after how I acted when we got back from New Earth, and I don't want you to get hurt. ~" She told him.

"~I understand your first reason. You don't have to worry about the second, because I do feel the same way, I always will, . . . But your third I don't understand. ~ " Chakotay told her.

"~ My first fiancÚ died with my father when we crashed in the Tau Ceti system. My second fiancÚ, Mark, is in the Alpha quadrant. So you can see why I think that... ~ " She thought out quickly and tears started up in her blue-gray eyes.

"~ Kathryn what happened was not your fault. Those sorts of things happen. Please don't think that I'll get hurt because I love you. ~ " Chakotay pleaded with her. He then got up and went over to comfort her.

"~I don't. I just don't want anything to happen to you. ~" She thought while looking into his eyes.

"~ Nothing will. Please, don't cry. Look at me. ~ " He lifted her chin so that she was looking into his eyes. " ~ I love you, Kathryn. ~" And with that they kissed. When the kiss finally broke Chakotay wiped her tears away. Then Q flashed into the room very near the couple and in the process enraged Chakotay. "You were watching us the whole time!" After he shouted that he lounged at Q and caught him unexpectedly in the stomach.

"Stop this now." She said this while she untangled the Q and Chakotay. "Will you let us go back now?"

"No, you two are most of the way there though. I must say Chuckles that was uncalled for." Q said indignantly.

"What could we possibly have to do to get you to let us go NOW!" Chakotay demanded.

"You have to want to be in a relationship when I send you back. Since both of you admitted your feelings and even acted on them, I'll cut the telepathic link for you." Q said all of this proudly. He snapped his fingers and severed the link. Q wanted to let Kathryn and Chakotay know how much they are a part of each other. "I'll let the two of you sort things out now." So in a snap of his fingers and a flash of light Q left them.

"Do you feel empty like I do?" Kathryn asked Chakotay.

"Yes. I think he knew we would feel like this." Chakotay said quietly.


"How do you feel about the issue at hand? I am getting confused with what I want to do and what would be best for the crew." Kathryn was now sitting in her seat and holding Chakotay's hand.

"I don't know. I just don't know." He was trying to think of a way he could convince her and himself that they should have a relationship when or if they back to Voyager. "If only we could know what they would feel about us as a couple."

"That would help a lot." Agreed Kathryn. She was also trying to convince herself that it wouldn't affect her crew. A few minutes later the waiter, John, came into the room.

"Is there anything I can get for you?" Said the unreal man.

"Yes, there is. I would like a cup of coffee, please." Kathryn said politely.

"I would like a glass of water, please." Chakotay said absent-mindedly.

"I'll be right back." And he left the room.

"You know," said Q as he appeared with a customary flash of light. "I could bring someone from Voyager here and they wouldn't remember a thing. That is if you wanted me to."

"Do it, Q." Kathryn said.

"Okay." And so, Q snapped his fingers and a rather sleepy looking Harry Kim appeared.

"Hey, what's going on?" When he woke up a little more he noticed Q, the commander, and the captain. "Why are you bothering Captain Janeway again?"

"Harry, we need you to answer one question. After you have answered it Q will send you back to Voyager and you will have no memory of this." Chakotay said matter-of-factly.

"Ask away." Said a still very sleepy Harry.

"How would you feel about Chakotay and I being in a relationship?" Kathryn asked tentatively. She was hoping for a pleasant answer, but didn't think she was going to get it.

"I'd be happy for you both. And I would say it took long enough." A slightly surprised Harry said.

"Why would you think it took long enough?" Chakotay asked. Now it was his turn to be surprised.

"I've seen the way both of you look at each other on the bridge and at parties. Plus, you both make a perfect couple." Harry said. He was now more awake and hoping he could go back to his quarters soon.

"There, you see, I wasn't lying. He noticed it too." Q said while getting more smug every second.

"Alright, Harry. Thank you for not getting upset at being woken up." Chakotay said in a calm voice.

"Q, will you send him back now?" Kathryn asked. She still wasn't convinced that it would be a good idea to become a couple for her crew.

"Done!" Q snapped his fingers and Ensign Kim disappeared. "Are you convinced now?"

"No, I want to talk to one more person before I make my decision." Kathryn knew that there was one person one Voyager that could tell her if this would be good for the ship or not.

"Who? I'll bring that person right away." Said a desperate Q.

"Let me guess. Tuvok." Said Chakotay. They think the same way.

"Exactly." She said and nodded in agreement.

"One Vulcan coming right up!" Q said enthusiastically. Q snapped what was left of his fingers and Tuvok appeared.

"Captain what is happening?" Tuvok asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Q brought you here so we could ask you a question. After you have answered that question, Q will send you back to where you were with no memory of this event." Kathryn explained.

"What is the question?" Tuvok coolly asked.

"If the Captain and I had a relationship, would it affect the crew negatively?" Chakotay asked. He was getting a little anxious, because there was no way of telling what Tuvok thought about this.

Tuvok stood there for a short moment gathering his thoughts. "I don't believe it would affect the crew negatively. It might do just the opposite or nothing at all." He told them in his usual calm tones.

"Thank you, Tuvok. That meant a great deal to us." Chakotay said happily.

This time without being asked Q sent Tuvok back to where ever he had been. When he turned back to brag about his success, Kathryn and Chakotay's eyes where locked and they were paying no mind to anything around them. The thing that broke that stare was the waiter re entering the room with their coffee and water.

"Here is your water, sir. Here is your coffee." John said as he set the beverages down.

"Thank you." Chakotay said quietly. He was gazing at Kathryn now.

"Thank you, John." Kathryn said while looking at Q, who was waiting for his thanks. "Thank you, Q." When she said that Q lit up.

"No, thank you, my dear Kathy! I now know what it is like to help someone just to help that person without any ulterior motives." Q was telling the truth. He had never helped any one without an ulterior motive before. "Say, would you two like to go back to your quarters now?"

"I have an idea. Kathryn, how would you feel about going dancing?" Chakotay asked her.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." She said while gazing into Chakotay's deep, dark brown eyes.

"Done!" In a flash of light they were transported to a 1920's club filled with booths and tables all except for the dance floor. The dance floor was made of dark wood. All it had missing was club goers and a band. Q said, "We are dressed all wrong." Q snapped his fingers. After the flash of light faded Chakotay and Q were dressed in snazzy suits and Kathryn was wearing a dark blue, long sleeved, ankle length, velvet dress. Q kept the flower from earlier in the adventure in her hair.

"Well, I must say, you two gentlemen look very nice." Kathryn said cheerily.

"You look beautiful, Kathryn." Chakotay said as leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"Thank you." She said as she received his kiss.

"I think you look beautiful, too." Q said as he kissed her cheek, also.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and an angry Ms. Q and son appeared. "What have you been doing the past two hours? You were supposed to be taking care of our son." The lady Q said angrily. She thought she had every right to be angry. She had watched the past few moments with slight amusement, but when she had seen him kiss that human woman's cheek she thought she would explode with anger.

"Oh dearest, I'm sorry. I was trying to get these two to admit their feelings to one another. Please forgive me?" Q said and put on a pleading look on his face in the hopes that it would appease his mate.

"Alright, seeing as you weren't flirting too much." Her anger cooled a little bit, since there was no way, as long as those two humans were together, for Janeway to try to take Q from her.

"Since that is all squared away, Kathryn, may I have this dance?" Chakotay asked and extended his arm.

"Yes." She said as she accepted his arm. They then walked to the dance floor.

"Dearest, would you like to dance? Q jr. is old enough to be left with a babysitter for a little while." Q said.

"I would love to dance. I'll get the babysitter." And so Ms. Q snapped her fingers and a young girl with freckles and red hair appeared. "Watch him closely, he gets into mischief easily."

"Alright, Mam." The young girl said. Q snapped his fingers and Ms. Q was now wearing a burgundy satin dress. Then Q and his mate headed off for the dance floor. When they were where they wanted to be Q snapped his fingers and filled the club up with people.


(The next morning in the Captain's ready room.)

Chakotay walked into the ready room thinking he had a nice dream the night before. But when he saw the flower that was in Kathryn's hair most of the night before, he knew he was wrong. He was very happy about this to say the least. "So, I didn't have a dream last night."

"I thought I had a dream last night, until I found this on my night table. I think Q wanted to make sure I couldn't shrug this off as a dream." She said thoughtfully. "I forgot to say something last night."

"What was that?" Chakotay asked. He was thoroughly confused.

"I love you, too." She said softly.

"I know." He said as he walked over to her and wrapped his arms loosely around her with her back to him and they both faced the window. "I love you so much." He laid his head against hers and breathed in her lavender perfume.

"I think we should probably ease into letting the crew know that we are a couple now." She said as they were both looking out the window at the stars.

"I agree. Let's start by having lunch in the mess hall." Chakotay suggested.

"Sounds good to me." She said.


(About one year later.)
(They're in the mess hall where Neelix has arranged a Valentine's party.)

"Kathryn, I love you." Chakotay said.

"I love you, too, Chakotay." Kathryn said.

Chakotay took something out of his pocket and got down on one knee. "Kathryn Janeway, will you marry me?" That something he had taken out his pocket was a box. He opened to reveal a gold ring with a heart shaped diamond. He had spoken loud enough to gain the attention of everyone in the mess hall.

"Yes." She said with tears in her eyes. By this point she knew she wasn't cursed in love.

Everyone started clapping and Chakotay slipped the ring on to her ring finger. He then kissed her. After the kiss broke everyone in the mess hall started giving them congratulations. Q and his family showed up at last.

"Hello, Kathy!" Q exclaimed.

"Aunt Kathy, can I be the ringbearer?" A very young Q jr. asked Kathryn. He was growing so fast that he now looked about 6 years old.

"We would love it if you were the ringbearer." Chakotay said happily.

"I guess I need to start calling you Uncle Chakotay." The little Q said.

"Only if you want to." Chakotay replied.

"Okay." He said as he ran off to talk to the crew.

"He's growing up so quickly!" Kathryn remarked.

"He was quite a handful for a little while, but I think we all know were he got that from." Ms. Q said while looking at her mate.

"I'm sorry Kathy, but we've got to run." Q said regretfully.

"I hope both of you can come for the wedding." Kathryn said hopefully.

"We wouldn't miss it for the galaxy." This surprisingly came from Ms. Q. It wasn't all that surprising for Ms. Q simply because she was going to make sure that everything went smoothly that day.

~The End ?~