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Laura Watkins

Bites And Berries
A response to the JetCJr7 Flea challenge.  The crew catches fleas. [36KB] PG-13

Written with Yarb
Kathryn and Chakotay are taken by aliens and tested. [54KB] PG-13

Culinary Delights
A response to the JetCJr8 Breasts challenge.  Kathryn and B'Elanna try their hand at cooking. [8KB] PG-13

[Part One: Kathryn's POV 4KB] [Part Two: Chakotay's POV 4KB]
Kathryn is finding Chakotay's presence quite distracting and Chakotay's finding Kathryn rather distracting too. PG-13

A little sequel to Nemesis.  Chakotay talks to Kathryn about what happened on the planet. [23KB] PG-13

Goodnight Kiss
Kathryn and Chakotay have a long overdue talk after Kathryn returns from a long away mission. [43KB] PG-13

Happy New Year
Drabble.  J and C.  New Year's Eve. [4KB] PG-13

Drabble.  Chakotay's POV.  What is Chakotay's favourite hobby? [4KB] PG

I Love You
Drabble.  Kathryn's thoughts. [4KB] PG

Indeclinable Offer
Drabble.  Chakotay invites Kathryn to dinner. [4KB] PG

Kathryn's Interview
The crew interview Kathryn and learn a few things about their captain. [13KB] PG

Lady In Red
A drabble.  Chakotay enjoys some downtime with his 'Lady In Red'. [4KB] PG

Kathryn has a hard day and Chakotay helps her relax. [7KB] PG

Kathryn and Chakotay go Mexican for the evening. [8KB] PG-15

Kathryn, Chakotay, Tom, B'Elanna, Seven and the Doctor play Monopoly. [18KB] PG-13

Pride And Prejudice
Written with Shorty
Kathryn creates a holoprogram based upon Pride And Prejudice and asks Chakotay to join her, only things don't turn out quite how they planned. [83KB] PG-13

Red Silk And Roses
Chakotay finds a surprise waiting for him when he gets off duty. [8KB] PG-15

Silent Observations
Drabble.  Tuvok's POV on the JC relationship, or lack thereof. [4KB] PG

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